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Does Having Icons On the Main Screen Of My Laptop Slow the Computer Down?

I have quite a few icons on my laptop screen and I was wondering if this will slow my laptop down.
My laptop takes quite sometime to open applications like Word and others. In addition, the ‘beach ball’ is always present when I click on something.

I only have 4 ram and perhaps the new Mac Sierra requires more muscle.
Thank you very much.

Guillermo Dardon

Comments: One Response to “Does Having Icons On the Main Screen Of My Laptop Slow the Computer Down?”

    3 years ago

    Do you mean icons on your Desktop? That just means they are in your User Desktop folder. See to learn more about what this means.
    So no, it won’t slow your computer down to put files and folders there. I don’t like to myself — I like a clean Desktop and I organize my files in the Documents folder. But it won’t slow down your computer.
    Sierra won’t slow it down either. Things should run as fast, if not faster, with Sierra.
    It could be any number of things slowing your Mac down. You could be low on drive space (less than 10% free). You could have apps or extensions running in the background. The only way to know what is slowing it down is to either diagnose it yourself if you have enough expertise, or take it to an expert to have them diagnose it. You can try the Genius Bar.

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