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Does iCloud Mail Store Email From Other Poplar Free Domains?

I use gmail and get it using Mail and occasionally look at Google Mail via Safari/Google/Mail. I only have this one email account now -which is fine for me. Google has everything sent to me beginning circa 2013. I want to simplify things – retired and just let go mydomain and work email addresses. Do I understand correctly that a new iCloud email address would be yet another location for the gmail to be stored?
Karen Frazer

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    2 years ago

    Gmail is stored on Google’s servers. It is their email service. iCloud’s email service is Apple. So they are different things. Each would be stored in its own place.

    Not sure what you are looking for here, but it is perfectly fine to have email at both places or just one. But email coming in to your Gmail address would go to Google’s servers, not iCloud.

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