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Does iOS 5 Keep a Copy Of Pages Documents On the Device?

My younger brother is using Pages and Keynote on his iPad to do his homework. He’s got iOS 5 and backs it up to iCloud. Now that his iPad is just the standard WiFi version with 16GB he doesn’t always have an opened network around and whenever he opens one of the mentioned Apps it says “updating documents” even if he hasn’t changed any of them. Hence, if there’s no network to connect to he can’t open his documents.
Now I was wondering if there’s a copy of each document kept on the iPad or if they’re all moved to the cloud.
Appreciate your help because he’s already driving me nuts with this question and I just can’t answer it because with my iPhone it works perfectly but still, I always have a connection to the internet…

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    11 years ago

    If you are using iCloud, and you create a Pages document, the document is stored on the iPad. Then it is also uploaded to iCloud if you have iCloud turned on for Pages.
    You should be able to access that document locally with or without a connection.
    The "updating documents" message is Pages looking to iCloud for new document, I would assume. But even without a connection you should be able to view and edit all documents that are on the iPad.
    You can test this very easily on your iPad or iPhone by using the Airplane Mode setting.

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