Forum Question: Does iPhone WiFi Sync With iTunes Happen Automatically?

I recently turned on iPhone WiFi sync with iTunes. I had iPhone connected to be re-charging in the other room and I do see in iTunes on my Mac, but it didn’t automatiCally sync. I had to click on SYNC in iTunes, is this normal? I was under the impression that as long as iTunes is open and my Mac is not asleep that iPhone would automatiCally sync as soon as I connected iPhone to a power source to re-charge.
More info: My backups are stored on my Mac. I haven’t turned on iCloud yet. BTW, when I do turn on iCloud, can I choose to use only some of iCloud services? For example, I think I want to continue to store my backups encrypted on my Mac, but use iCloud mail, iCal, and Contacts sync. I am currently still using MobileMe and waiting for iCloud to work out all its kinks.
Thanks for your help. :)

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    12/31/11 @ 9:21 am

    No, it doesn’t happen automatically. A lot of people plug and unplug their iPhones from power all day long, and I would imagine it would be a big problem if it tried to sync all the time.
    You can choose only some of the iCloud services, yes. There is a whole set of selection switches in the iCloud settings. You definitely DO want to continue to store backups on your Mac. That’s the best way. Storing them online is only really for people who don’t sync their iOS devices with a computer at all. In that case, it is a selection in iTunes, I believe.

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