Forum Question: Does Pages Offer These Two Keyboard Shortcuts?

Microsoft Word (operating in Windows) has two very handy but little-known keyboard shortcuts. I’d like to know whether these same tricks can be performed in Pages ’09. I use a MacBook Pro 15-in (2010) running Snow Leopard.
1. Click anywhere in a word. Then hold down the Shift key while you tap the F3 key. With each tap of F3, the case changes from lower to Title Case to ALL CAPS and back to lower case.
2. Click anywhere inside a paragraph. Hold down the Shift and Alt keys together and use the up or down arrow keys to move the entire paragraph up or down in the document.
I can’t find any documentation of such actions in Pages. Do they exist?

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    5/17/12 @ 6:55 pm

    In pages, you can choose Format, Font, Capitalization and then None, All Caps, Small Caps, Title. There is no default keyboard shortcut, but as with any menu item in OS X, you can assign your own in System Preferences.
    In Pages you can simply select a paragraph and drag it to move it. You can also move paragraphs very easily in outline mode (View, Show Document Outline). Try it.

    5/18/12 @ 7:33 pm

    Update to Lion. Keyboard shortcuts are good. Can’t you figure it out yourself? – you have the keyboard. Has been my experience “documentation” isn’t all that good. Gary’s Lion shortcuts via keyboard are good. If you don’t see it there – start exploring. “Taps” are beyond most of our (Gary readers) knowledge or interest.

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