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Does Time Machine Back Up Files In iCloud Drive?

In Finder, under iCloud, there are three sub groups…iCloud Drive, Desktop and Documents. On my son’s Mac he has put all his document folders directly in “iCloud drive” as the root, rather than using Documents as the root.

So my question is, would all his documents folders under “iCloud Drive” be backed up to Time Machine or must they be moved under “Documents” as the root to be backed up?


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    3 months ago

    If you have the option “Optimize Mac Storage” turned OFF under System Preferences, Apple ID, then yes. If you have that option ON, then some of your files will be on your local drive, and some not. Time Machine can only back up files that are available, so it can’t back up ones that are not on the drive.

    It doesn’t matter where they are on iCloud Drive. The folders are just for organization. But it is considered best practice to put all of your files in the Documents folder. That’s what it is for. That’s what I do.

    3 months ago

    Thanks for the fast response Gary. I’m a Patreon supporter….thanks for all you do!

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