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Downloading My Music CD’s

I am downloading my music CD’s into iTunes, but the song order is jumbled. Is there a setting on my iMac computer that is mis-set? How can I make it start with the first song and end with the last song? I don’t remember having this problem before.
Barbara Reilly

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    4 years ago

    I don’t know what would be causing that. The song order should be the same as the order on the album.
    Are you sure that you aren’t just looking at the songs sorted by alphabetical order, or date/time order?
    There are many different ways to view your songs in iTunes. So it is hard for me to suggest steps here. But look closely at the interface of the list you are looking at to see if that is the case.

    Barbara Reilly
    4 years ago

    Gary, I did as you suggested and looked at the cd after downloading and the songs are in the correct order. I don’t know why it was showing me a different order while downloading. Thank you for your answer, it’s good to know you are there to help!

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