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Just saw and read about dropbox and 1password on Macworld. Couple of questions: If someone hacked into Dropbox could they read my 1password keychain? Or perhaps the keychain is always 128bit AES encrypted and thus protected, even if I emailed the keychain file to myself. They recommend using Dropbox over iDisk, because iDisk won’t sync? But isn’t that the function of iDisk? With iDisk on 2 or more Macs it syncs?? If I use Dropbox or iDisk, is a copy of the 1password keychain also on my Mac besides sitting in the cloud?

— TM

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    2/20/10 @ 10:52 am

    Your 1Password file is encrypted and can’t be accessed by someone else unless they have your 1Password master password. So you can use Dropbox or iDisk to store it if you like. I don’t see the difference between using iDisk. If you turn iDisk Sync on in the your system prefs, then it does keep a copy locally too. Your choice.

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