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Dual monitors effects

By having a extra monitor hooked up to my iMac i7 what are the effects will it cause. Any slowdown or does it take away from any think on my iMac. Or will it cause any harm.

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    9 years ago

    Potential effects: awesomeness.
    No, really, there wouldn’t be any slowdown or anything. It just gives you more screen space. It is all handled by the video chipset. If there is a slowdown, it would be a side-effect of you DOING more with your Mac because you have more screen space to work with.

    9 years ago

    When I switched to iMac from Pc was using a 24″ Samsung…very nice monitor. With my 27″ iMac..set up DVI to DVI connection the two monitors since the Samsung was relatively new and totally functional. The results are just amazing!!! No problems..the viewing area seems to go on forever. Very cool…for an uncool guy.

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