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I now own both an iPhone and iPod Touch and I’ve recently encountered a problem with them.
As I import pictures from each device they simply use file names based upon the “img_xxxx” format. This presents a problem when bringing in newer pictures taken on the iPod as those file names already exist from the images taken and imported from my iPhone, which I’ve had longer.
I’ve also noted that Image Capture doesn’t seem to want to import the images from the iPod because they have the same file names even though it doesn’t give me the option to overwrite or not.
I have done some looking around and can find nothing that tells me I can change the file naming protocols for either the iPhone or iPod.
Any ideas on what I can do to solve this problem?

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    2/27/11 @ 8:42 pm

    You didn’t mention what program you are using to import. iPhoto shouldn’t have this problem as it shouldn’t care about those file names.
    If you are using another program to import, I would simply import them to different folders. There’s no way, I think, to tell your iOS camera app to name the files something particular.

    2/28/11 @ 7:26 pm

    Thanks Gary. I’ve actually now discovered the culprit wasn’t iPhoto, but Image Capture.

    I had erroneously assumed that when I first plugged in the iPod with Image Capture (I keep a secondary set of the images in a special folder within the Photos folder) it would save those images to the same folder I had setup for the iPhone. Instead it appears Image Capture reverts to default settings with a new device and the default setting was to simply save the images to the Photos folder.

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