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I have iCloud turned on for my system. My “System” consist of: an iMac desktop, iPad2 and iPhone 4. I have iCloud configured to sync across all devices for Mail, Calendar, Contacts etc. Here is my question. When I look at Contacts on the desktop it shows duplicates. However, duplicated do not show in the iPad2 nor iPhone. I thought there may be a long delay in syncing, but the duplicates never replicate to the iPad, nor iPhone. The iCloud configurations across all devices are the same.

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    10/19/11 @ 11:12 pm

    Take a look at your Accounts setting in Address Book. And also the Mail, Contacts and Calendars setting in System Preferences. Perhaps you have the account there twice. I noticed that you can still have the same account selected a “MobileMe.”
    When I first upgraded to iCloud I had duplicate calendar events, but it turned out I had the calendar listed as “iCloud” and also the same one as “MobileMe.” I just removed it as MobileMe and it was fine.

    10/20/11 @ 6:07 am

    Yup, there is one account showing in Address Book Preferences that is not among Mail, Contacts and Calendars and it is: “On My Mac – Local”. However, I cannot remove it from the list even using the minus symbol at the bottom..

      10/20/11 @ 6:38 am

      How about in Mail, Contacts and Calendars setting in System Preferences?

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