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ebay encrypted page & iMac problem

Both ebay and paypal won’t let me onto their encrypted page. I can browse ebay, but can’t bid because I can’t get to the sign in page. It freezes on me, the same as paypal. I can’t even get to any pages at paypal. I dropped my cache and all cookies and checked and verified my hard drive and disc. I’m on a iMac 8,1 Intel core 2 duo and I’m running Snow Leopard. The weird part is, I can use anyone else’s encrypted page, such as amazon or footlocker. Firefox has been tried with the same result. Any ideas? Both paypal and ebay haven’t been able to help me.

— John

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    10 years ago

    Do you have any other computers available to try it out? One idea is it may have nothing to do with the iMac, but could have to do with your ISP or modem firewall not allowing a connection. Could be DNS issues too. Hard to say from here.

    10 years ago

    I am having a similar problem. I have a Compaq laptop. When I do a search on ebay I get a list of items as usual, but when I pick an item to look at, I get an ad for a car I one looked at. This only happens on the laptop. Ebay hasn’t been able to help.

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