Forum Question: Editing swf files for web

I have recorded a video in Imovie and through visual hub converted to swf. The problem is that it auto starts and continuously loop, I would like to add option of start/stop.

I have scoured the web and help like help program ideas, but as a novice I can’t find anything that is easy.

Help appreciated

— Michael

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    11/14/09 @ 9:05 am

    Not familiar with Visual Hub, but it seems to an application that converts video into various formats, including its own Flash player (swf). So I’d start by looking at its options to see if you can customize that swf player. If not, there are many more programs out there that build swf players, and you will just have to find one that has the features you need.

      11/14/09 @ 9:35 am

      Appreciate the prompt response. I’ve looked at Abobe flash, which would do the job, but it’s crazy expensive. I’ve looked all of your videos on youtube, but they don’t address my issue.

      Just need an inexpensive alternative….Thanks

        11/14/09 @ 9:40 am

        Flash is the big app that creates any and all Flash files (games, applications, whole sites, etc) from Adobe, the makers of Flash. It is the pro tool.
        If you just want to make video players, then a tool like Visual Hub is what you want. Or, just upload your video to YouTube or Blip,tv and use their players. But there are many other Visual Hub-like applications out there. comes to mind, but there are others. Shop around for what meets you needs.

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