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Eliminate Pop Ups On My MacBook Ait and iPhone 6

How do I block annoying pop ups when I use safari on my MacBook air? The blogs are not clear as I believe they reference older OS software.

How do I block annoying pop ups when I use safari on my iPhone 6?



Ed glinski

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    7 years ago

    On your Mac you should be able to block "real" pop-ups by going to Safari, Preferences, Security and look for the option to block pop-up windows. This blocks webpages from actually creating a new Safari window.
    But a lot of what you may be calling pop-ups are probably just advertisements and messages that overlay the content of a webpage. So they are an ad ON the webpage, not a new window.
    You can use ad-blocking extensions to get rid of ads, but I don't like that answer because this is how the websites earn revenue. You must like the websites in question or you would not be visiting them, right? Well, if we all used ad-blockers then the websites would simply shut down. That includes MacMost.
    So the only good answer there, if you are annoyed by ad overlays on a page, is to either endure them, or if you find the site not worth the annoyance, then stop using the site.
    As for the iPhone, it shouldn't be an issue, at least not for real pop-up windows. But for ad overlays, the answer is the same: I don't recommend ad-blockers, so make annoying ads a part of the decision process as to whether or not you use a website.

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