Forum Question: Email poll is very interesting!

Great poll!

I’ve heard so many people use gmail as their acct to expose to the world, then have it forward to their MobileMe acct, which they never give out.

MobileMe seems to be in 2nd place despite the cost.

Is it REALLY worth it? Yes, you get other things, too. But is MobileMe better than a free gmail acct and free dropbox? Is it the email that everyone likes, or is it something more?

Thanks for such an interesting topic, Gary.

— Michelle

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    7/22/10 @ 10:36 am

    If you just want email, then you can’t beat Gmail. It is free, high-powered and reliable.
    But MobileMe offers a lot more than just email, as you said: sync between Macs, iPhone, iPad, etc is a big reason. So is Back-To-My-Mac, Find My iPhone, and the photo galleries. You can also use it as you Web hosting, for simple things. So if you use all of that, it is a lot to get for $70/year.
    You could find free versions of almost everything in MobileMe, but then you have 6 or 7 different services to keep track of, and some of them would have limits on the free versions.

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