Forum Question: Emailing iPhotos with a Gmail Account


I’m a new MacBook Pro user and tried to find the answer on my own to no avail.

How do I e-mail a picture from iPhoto through my GMail account? I see how to easily do it using MacMail, but I’m not set up for that, nor do I want to.

Thanks in advance,

— Vicky

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    10/19/09 @ 1:17 pm

    You’ve got two main options. The first is to simply export from iPhoto. Save that image somewhere, and then use Gmail’s ability to attach a file to send the photo in an email.
    Second would be to configure the Apple Mail program to use your Gmail account. Once you have done this, you don’t need to use Mail all the time. You can simply use it in cases like this when it is easier to send iPhoto images. AT other times, if you prefer to use the Gmail Web interface, you can just use that.

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