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Embedded YouTube videos ready for iPad (html5)

Hello Gary,

I read your tweet regarding you mentioned that you made your website ready for iPad visitors. It would be great and really kind of you if you were willing to share the knowledge/code on how to do this.

Thanks a million,

— Lars

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    10 years ago

    Actually, I didn’t embed the YouTube videos. I embed the raw .mp4 video from Blip.TV. This is the same .mp4 that is served up for the video podcast. I also do the same thing now when you view the site on the iPhone, but I use a .3gp (small, compact mobile video) version. It is also served by
    I hope that soon we can embed the html5 version of the files from YouTube, but I don’t think you can now. You can view html5 ON YouTube, but I don’t think you can embed it on your own site in any way.

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