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Empty Folder is 120MB?


I have a empty folder. But the size of the folder is 120 mb.
How can I find what is in it.?

Kindly help

— Haresh

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    13 years ago

    My guess is that you have an invisible file or two (.DS_Store most likely -- this remembers icon and layout data from the folder). Open Terminal. Navigate to the folder like this:
    cd "users/yourusername/desktop/folder name"
    Then list all files like this:
    ls -al
    Of course, you need to use the path to your folder, not the path in the example. An easy way to do that is to type cd " and then Option+drag the folder icon from the top of the folder's window in the Finder, to the Terminal app. This will insert the name of the folder.
    Are you sure the file isn't 120K, not 120MB?
    Keep in mind that 120K is less than .0005 of a percent of a 250GB hard drive. A drop in the bucket, in other words. If you no longer need the folder, then delete the whole folder. If you do need the folder later, it will have a .DS_Store file rewritten or recreated anyway.

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