Forum Question: Entourage versus Apple Mail

Which is better, especially regarding options/features of not needing to store messages on my Mac. In order for Mail to search or filter Spam, a local copy of messages need to be on Mac. Does Entourage require the same thing?

— Royce

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    9/3/10 @ 6:00 am

    I don’t know. I stopped using Entourage years ago when Mail became good enough for pro use. I think there is a support forum/section for Entourage on the Microsoft Mac site — I would ask there to get a definitive answer.
    Of course, later this year Entourage will die, and Outlook for Mac will come out with the new Office suite, so maybe wait for that.
    As for spam filtering, I don’t think relying on local (on your Mac) filtering is the way to do it. Server-based spam filtering has surpassed that sort of thing and works much better. For instance, if you use Gmail, you can’t beat that filter as it draws on a lot of data from Google.

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