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events bring iCal to front

Most people I know find it a little annoying. When ever we receive an invitation to an iCal event in mail, it is set to automatically be added to iCal. However, that then means that while mail is happy to work in the background of what I am currently doing, iCal is not happy to do this. I could be in the middle of typing a document and iCal will pop up in front of me mid sentence. Is there a way of stopping iCal popping up and disturbing my workflow? Especially annoying in the middle of a drawing or photoshop command sequence that is then cancelled, or ends up with errors.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Karl Barker

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    10 years ago

    What happens when you change the “Automatically retrieve invitations from Mail” setting in your iCal preferences under Advanced? Does that get it closer to what you want. I’d imagine that you then need to manually accept invitations you get in email, but that might be the better way to do it anyway.

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