Forum Question: Excel files transfer from Dell PC to iPad

How do I add excel files to my iPad? New to iPad.
Bob Doyle

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    4/20/11 @ 4:56 pm

    First, realize that there is not an Excel App for the iPad. But there are other spreadsheet apps and there are file viewers that can view .xls formatted files.
    So, is this Dell the one you use to sync your iPad with your PC via iTunes?
    If so, then you can use the standard method for importing files from your PC to a specific app on the iPad. See episode 400:
    I have tested .xls files with both Apple’s “Numbers” app and GoodReader. The first will import the .xls file and let you work with it and save changes. The second is just a viewer and will only let you view it.
    You can also use a MobileMe iDisk to import .xls files from the iDisk to Numbers of your iPad. It also works with any generic WebDAV server, if you happen to have one.

      Bob Doyle
      4/21/11 @ 7:40 am

      Thanks for the quick response. I do use the Dell to sync the iPad. Episode 400 was very helpful.

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