Forum Question: Exporting Address Book to Google With Pictures

i have tried to to export my address book into my gmail contacts, and it did work just find. it even put them into their correct groups.
the problem is that when i did that each contact, which i uploaded, that was with a picture, doesn’t have one in my gmail account.
so now i think i should upload pictures to each one? or is there a way to do that easily?

kind regards

— hassan

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    11/6/09 @ 10:27 am

    I’m pretty sure that pictures just aren’t part of the data that comes along with the export. You’d need to do it manually if you really want the images.

      11/10/09 @ 5:51 am

      Hello Gary.
      well, can i make my address book to be automatically synced with my gmail account???? o could i make my in my mac, to sync the addresses between it and my gmail account??? because i have noticed that mail shows all the folders in my gmail account, so i thought that t could be possible to do such a thing.

        11/10/09 @ 7:33 am

        Syncing Address Book and Google contacts is an option in Address Book preferences, under Accounts.

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