Forum Question: Exporting iMovie11 to iTunes

It seems that when I export an iMovie project to itunes it is producing two copies:
The first one under my user name>movies>imovies>itunes
The second one under my user name>music.itunes/itunesmusic/movies
This this a duplication and if so how would I prevent it as I don’t need to copies of every mover exported?
Also could you tell my what the purpose of Finalize Project is under the File menu?
Thank you for your time.

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    12/14/10 @ 11:14 am

    That’s right. You are using Share, iTunes…, which will export the movie, and then send a copy over to iTunes. You can delete the first if you like. But it is used for playback from iMovie and for other sharing functions. The idea is that you are doing two things: exporting the video, and also sending it to iTunes.
    Just use Share, Export Movie to export a single copy to any location you desire.
    Finalize Project will render your movie in all formats. The idea is that you can then “share” them in various ways very quickly. To get a full run-down of all the things that Finalize Project does, look it up in the iMovie 11 help.

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