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Gary, I tried your tip to export a still frame from a movie using iPhoto, but whenever I double click a movie file in iPhoto, it opens it in Quicktime. How do I get it to play in iPhoto? I tried pausing the movie in Quicktime, then selecting the “Export” option from the iPhoto File menu. It did export a jpeg, but of the first frame, not the frame where I had paused the video. Can you give more detail as to how this is done? Thanks!

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    2/17/11 @ 11:17 am

    Which version of iPhoto are you using?

    2/19/11 @ 6:37 am

    iPhoto ’09 (8.1.2)

      2/19/11 @ 9:30 am

      You’ll need iPhoto from iLife 11 (9.x) to do this, I’m afraid.

    5/22/11 @ 8:39 am

    I have iLife 11 and I have the same problem. I only get the first frame of the movie, not the one I paused at. Is there some other trick to this? Thanks.


    Don Boras
    7/13/11 @ 3:04 pm

    I’ve run into the same issue. Regardless of what frame I try to save, all iPhoto ’11 (ver 9.1.5) saves is the first frame of the movie. The videos off my camera are imported as .avi files, but exporting the file and changing it to Quicktime or an .mp4 and re-importing it into iPhoto gives me the same result. Any insights would be appreciated. Don

      7/13/11 @ 3:27 pm

      Looks like it doesn’t work in 9.1.5.

        Don Boras
        7/13/11 @ 5:14 pm

        Thanks. I suspect you might be right. I could’ve sworn I did it last fall, but I just loaded an iPhoto update so I’m wondering if the video image save function was disabled in the update. Don

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