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External Hard Drive for Time Machine

Is there an external hard drive that you would recommend using for Time Machine or simple file storage. I am looking for a relatively low costing but reliable hard drive that does not have any additional software to install. I want to be able to plug it in and set it up with Time Machine without any additional hassles. After doing some research, I have gotten many mixed reviews from different companies.

— Fred

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    9 years ago

    No external hard drive should ask you to install any software. They should all be plug-and-play. Sometimes they package backup software with the drive as an “added value.” But that is almost always Windows software anyway. Just plug the drive in, go to your Time Machine preferences and let Time Machine wipe and initialize the drive.
    As for which brands are good, it is hard to say. I’ve not done a comprehensive review of all brands. Just stick to a well-respected name and get as large of a drive as you can. At least 1TB, but 2TB is better. They are so cheap now. Something like this:

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