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External HD from PC to MacBook Pro Wont Recognize

I just bought a new Mac Book Pro, i just backed up my PC to an external HD and now the MB won’t recognize it. i know it has something to do with the format of the drive.
How can i transfer all my date now? Help
Scott Z

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    9 years ago

    You probably formatted the drive as NTFS instead of FAT32. So your Mac won’t be able to read it (just as Windows wouldn’t be able to read HFS).
    The best way to transfer files is to use your network. Connect both of your computers to your wifi network and turn on File Sharing for both so they can see each other. Then transfer any files you need to your Mac.
    Did you know that Apple offers data transfer at the Genius Bar? You can make an appointment to do that.

    Scott Z
    9 years ago

    Sorry to be a pain. can yu walk me through how to do this? At least from the MAC end of it. I currently have both my computer using a wifi modem

      9 years ago

      Go to System Preferences, Sharing. Turn on File Sharing. In the File Sharing pane, click Options and make sure you have the box checked next to SMB (windows file sharing). That should do it or the Mac side, at least. If your Windows computer is up and running on the network with file sharing on, then you should be able to see it by using Go, Network in the Finder.
      See episode 320:

    9 years ago

    If you want your Mac to be able to read and write NTFS partitions, you should install NTFS-3G (you can find it on I’ve been using NTFS-3G for quite some time now and I must say that it works fine, except that it can be a little slow at times.

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