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External Monitor Camera and Mic Possible?

Hi Gary,
I’m using a new MacBook Air, with a external monitor attached. Since the MacBook Air has the lid closed, was wondering how and if I can use video sharing apps (like Zoom). The external monitor does not have a camera or microphone and was wondering if I purchased and used one on it, if that would work. Just not sure about this, not sure how the external camera and microphone would go back and forth to the Air. Any comments and hopefully a easy solution? Thanks for the help and your great web site!

I’d like to continue to use the external monitor on Zoom calls with the MacBook Air’s lid closed and out of the way. If possible.
George Kahler

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    3 years ago

    Any Mac-compatible webcam should work. Anyone with a Mac mini or Mac Pro already has to do this, since they don't have any cameras. In Zoom and other apps you can choose the camera.

    When looking for a webcam, you'll probably see that most come with the older USB-A connector. Your MacBook Air has USB-C. Those are both USB, so no converter is needed. You can either replace the cable for the webcam (if it detaches) with a USB-C one, or get a cheap adapter to convert USB-A to USB-C for a few dollars.

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