Forum Question: FaceTime Not Working

I have a friend that is having an issue with FaceTime. He can’t get it to work and he can’t even select or access the preferences for it. Does anyone else having these issues and can give me an idea how I can tell him to fix it and get it going

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    10/23/10 @ 9:37 am

    Do you mean FaceTime, or FaceTime for Mac? If the latter, then it is only a beta — report the issue to Apple using the “Provide feedback” menu item in the FaceTime menu when you run it.
    If FaceTime for iPhone/iPod, then what exactly is happening — error message, something else?

      7/20/11 @ 10:41 pm

      Hi Gary,
      I have just downloaded ion onto a MacBook Pro and I have the same problem with FaceTime. It will not connect at all. Says not connected to Internet. Also the preferences is greyed out so cannot access that either. Safari and Firefox work fine so there is a good internet connection. Any ideas please.

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