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I’ve scanned a bunch of old family photo albums that I would like to post at a web site to share with family and friends that would show each album like a “book” with the page flip effect AND, most importantly, the ability to zoom in and out.
The Shutterfly site is OK, but it doesn’t accomplish what I want with regard to zooming in on the pages. The Zoomify extension from Photoshop CS3 and above is perfect, but I haven’t found a way to incorporate the Zoomify pages with a page-flip in a book-like presentation of the album.
I’m at a loss. I’ve googled for days and can’t find anything that suits my vision for how I want to present the albums.
Anyone got any ideas??

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    9/29/11 @ 6:47 am

    Unless you are a developer and can create your own web site with code, you will probably just have to settle for what you can find. No photo sharing site is going to do things exactly the way you want them.
    I think you have to approach this the other way. See what the different photo sharing sites offer, and then pick the one you like best. Don’t start with a preconceived idea because you’ll never find exactly that.

    9/29/11 @ 10:00 pm

    Although this has nothing to do with MACs specifically, I’d like to see users’ comments on various photo-sharing sites. Have used several, and not found a “cloud” site yet that works well for me.
    Sorry Gary – not trying to make MacMost the be-all-end-all source of info; there are MAC users that follow your site and I’d like to see their opinions on this topic because it vexes me also.

    2/2/12 @ 11:32 pm

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