Forum Question: Faulty Address Book Sync?

I just spent a lot of time reorganizing and cleaning out my Address Book, but when I try to sync with iPhone, even if I choose the advanced “replace contacts” option and manually delete the unwanted contacts one the phone, they simply reappear after syncing. What do I do?

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    6/5/11 @ 8:31 am

    Are you syncing from just your Mac? Or from MobileMe as well? It gets complex if you are syncing from both locations.
    You could also be syncing from Yahoo, Google, etc.
    So it is really a matter of taking stock on both your Mac and your iPhone as to where the data could also be stored on “in the cloud.”
    It is hard to give more advice because there are so many ways you could have it set up with so many options. I can only suggest that you review you settings on your Mac and iPhone, in both your Settings (syncing, MobileMe) and also in Mail (where “cloud” accounts are linked).
    If you have absolutely no cloud accounts, then try getting your Address Book on your Mac like you want it. Then deleting all of the contacts on your iPhone. Back up your address book. And then try to sync. Maybe that will help.

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