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I am thinking about getting an ipad to do some html coding while away from my desktop. I fully expect it not to come with the text edit (notes excluded)or could notes work for this? If not, does anyone know what the BEST text editor app for this kind of work is and that you could HONESTLY recommend? It is painful to go through the app section in itunes and look at all of them with the majority having very poor rating from customers. Any help would be appreciated.

— Scott A

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    5/14/10 @ 3:37 pm

    I’ve thought about this myself. What you need is a combo text editor/FTP program to let you edit HTML. There are a few apps already. Search for “ftp html editor” in the app store and you’ll currently find 5. They all look pretty good.

    Scott Adams
    5/14/10 @ 3:54 pm

    Hey Gary, I looked through all of those and Im a little skeptical. In your opinion could I just use the Pages app from the iwork suite to do the same thing? Ultimately the code will be transferred into Dreamweaver and that has been helpful in the past.

      5/14/10 @ 3:57 pm

      If you use Pages, you would have to transfer the text to your iPad beforehand. Then transfer it back to your Mac after. No way to upload directly to a server or test your code.
      So that’s a big difference. Those apps allow you to make changes to live sites and I think they also let you test your code too. Some appear to have coding features beyond simple text editing. That’s much more than a text editor. But if that is all you need, then I guess Pages will do.

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