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So I’ve got some footage off a Canon 7D, in .mov containers with H264 encoding. I found out that non HDV/AVCHD files are a problem in that they require constant rendering. So I checked out a video and referring to it, I did the following:-)

1. Opened the mov files in Mpeg Streamclip
2. Exported to Quicktime, 1920/1080, using Apple Intermediate Codec, turning off deinterlacing. (Note: I’d shot the footage in 25 fps)
3. Run easy setup on FCE4, HD, Apple Intermediate Codec and 25 fps.
4. Imported the converted files to the timeline, but they’re still unrendered…red line appearing over the timeline.

Any suggestions?

— Ben DaSilva

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    8/10/10 @ 2:34 pm

    I know what you mean. I’ve struggled with FCE trying to get it a format that it would like. But I’ve never come up with a solution. I use iMovie most of the time, so FCE isn’t used much.
    I would post in one of the Apple Final Cut forums as there should be knowledgable people there who have maybe come up with a solution.

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