Forum Question: Finding a Crash Log

Not sure if “crash log” is the right term, but isn’t it true that when an application crashes that there’s some record left as a text file that would be useful to the program’s engineers? In my case Prizmo keeps crashing and I’d really like to communicate the appropriate detail to the company. Where would that file be found? Thanks. (I’m using Snow Leopard.)

— John Russell

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    10/26/09 @ 6:29 am

    It depends on the application. It may be keeping its own crash log. I’d contact the makers of the application and ask them what, if anything, they want. Most likely, a step-by-step recreation of the bug would be more useful so they can recreate the problem on their Mac with debugging options turned on. That type of report is usually best, whereas a crash log can sometimes tell them very little.
    But there is a system-wide log of sorts. Look for “Console” in your Applications/Utilities folder and you can view all sorts of logs.

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