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Finding an Installed App On My Mac

How do I find an application that is installed on my Mac? I amtrying to install AutoCad 2013 and upon clicking on the installer I get a message saying that;
There is already a version of autocad installed on your Mac. please uninstall first.
Brad Hippert

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    7 years ago

    You can find most applications in your Applications folder. But something can be hidden in a sub-folder, usually with the name of the software suite or company.
    Occasionally there will be an application installed not in your top-level Applications folder, but in your home folder’s Applications folder.
    But in this case you don’t want to worry about that. You want to uninstall it. Simply finding it in your Applications folder and uninstalling may not work because the software may also put piece in your Library and other locations.
    So you want to run the official uninstaller, or follow the official uninstall process for that software. Otherwise a piece left behind will trigger that same error message.
    AutoCad is made by AutoDesk and if you go to their support site you can find lots of information and help for uninstalling.

      7 years ago

      I appreciate your time and assistance!

      The problem with that is: I do have the original uninstaller and I have searched and searched and am unable to locate anything resembling AutoCAD, auto desk Etc.

      Is there any other way to locate leftover files, extensions Erc.

        7 years ago

        So you are saying that you have run the uninstaller, and it uninstalled successfully. Then you tried to install the new one and you get this message?
        I that case, it sounds like you need to contact AutoDesk support. Something is wrong with their installer.

          7 years ago

          Thank you

    Mac Carter
    7 years ago

    When I want to find all of the various files left over AFTER uninstalling an app, I rely on a free search tool called, “EasyFind” . Just do a search for the app name (like Autocad). Mostly likely you will be amazed at how many files (some “hidden”) are left after un-installing it.

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