Forum Question: Finding exported file from imovie

Once i export my movie from imovie i cannot find the file in the location i export it to. The imported file is .avi. i have tried exporting it as .avi and other file types but no matter which file type i export as the file is still not where i saved it to. If you have any idea why this is it would be greatly appreciated

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    6/30/11 @ 10:48 pm

    Could be one of many things. The first is, of course, that you aren’t looking in the right place. Try something simple, like saving it to your Desktop.
    It could also be that your hard drive is almost full. Check that.
    This happens to me, though, when I try to save in an area where I don’t have permission to save. Like in another account’s folders or a shared hard drive where I don’t have write permissions. In that case iMovie does all the hard work and just stops before writing out the file. Then I notice my mistake, set permissions on that folder, and export again. iMovie is smart enough to use all of its previous work and writes out the file in a few seconds.

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