Forum Question: First time MobileMe user!

I am a new MobileMe trial user with 1 Mac (10.6.4) & 1 iPhone 4 (iOS 4.1).
I have a few queries:-
1. Currently on my iPhone, Push is ON for “Fetch New Data” therefore I receive the email immediately on iPhone as it is sent to my MobileMe email id, but not the same happens for contacts, calendar, notes .. etc these do not get synced until I open them individually, why?
2. Since Push is ON does this mean my Cellular data is continuously connected & thereby draining my battery & free cellular data limit?
3. What will happen if I set Push to OFF besides not getting immediate email?
4. Under MobileMe account settings –> Billing info –> Apple activation key, what is this key?
5. In iChat I can add my gmail friends to my MobileMe account, but not Google Apps users why?
6. Whom else can I add to ichat MobileMe account?
7. Why would someone want to sync dashboard widgets, dock items, keychains, mail accounts, mailer rules, sign, smart boxes & preferences with MobileMe when all these are backed up with Time Machine?
8. What are Backup / Library / Software / Web aliases on my iDisk?
9. I added a file to my documents folder on iDisk from Mac, how to share its link with someone?
10. I have a MobileMe website – then why is my Sites folder in iDisk empty?
Ankit Modi

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    10/26/10 @ 8:33 am

    1. Not sure. Probably just not updating fast enough. My calendar events definitely do “push” to the iPhone. But I’m not sure how often. Never tried to see how often the contacts update.
    2. Well, yes, but that is true even if you are not using push. Pushing data may take up a tiny bit more battery than not pushing data. But I don’t think it makes a big difference.
    3. If you set push to off then you will have to manually check your email and wait for it to update.
    4. You mean “apply activation key?” When you buy a boxed version of MobileMe it contains an activation key (password-like string) that you use here to extend your MobileMe subscription.
    5. Not sure. Perhaps because gmail users are “Jabber” protocol chat users. So you can chat with someone who has a gmail address using that address as your ID. Same for MobileMe or AOL/AIM. But a plain email address at another domain wouldn’t be something you can use to chat.
    6. Not sure what you mean. You can probably add any ID that connects to a chat account, such as MobileMe, AIM, etc.
    7. You want to sync them if you have more than one Mac. For instance, if you have a desktop and a laptop, it is useful to have those things synced so you have the same preferences on both computers.
    8. Not sure. I don’t have those on my iDisk.
    9. Not from your Documents folder. That should be your private data. Put things you want to share in your Public folder. Then, they can use the Finder to Go, iDisk, Other User’s Public Folder. But either way, you can go to the file in the Web version of your iDisk and select it, then click the Share File button.
    10. You Web site is in the Web/Sites folder, not the Sites folder. That was a recent change to MobileMe.

    Ankit Modi
    10/26/10 @ 10:58 am

    2. How come?
    7. Does it sync Mail rules … etc on & on other Mac also?

      10/26/10 @ 11:02 am

      2. Because your phone already has to talk to local cell towers and such all the time. How do you think it knows its signal strength and whether it is connected? Just adding a few more bits and bytes to check for mail won’t hurt that much.
      7. I’m not sure, off-hand. Try it.

    Ankit Modi
    10/28/10 @ 12:07 am

    I want an alternative to the Backup application used to backup file to iDisk because it does not allow me to restore or view the files on iDisk from iPhone or another Mac / PC?

    Does backup run in background when it is scheduled to backup at specific time?

      10/28/10 @ 6:41 am

      It has been a while since I’ve used that old program. I’m not aware of one that would let you view the files on an iPhone — why would you want to do that? Backups are supposed to be for emergencies. If you want to view files on your iPhone, then just put them on your iDisk normally and there are many ways to do it then.
      Backup does have some scheduling, if I remember correctly. It will “run” at that time — not sure what you mean by “in the background.”

    Ankit Modi
    10/28/10 @ 7:27 am

    Yes I should not use “Backup” app to transfer data to idisk. Which app can regularly sync any two folders? (1 on Mac & other on iDisk)

      10/28/10 @ 7:31 am

      Why do that at all? If you want something available everywhere, just store it on your iDisk. No need to have a copy on your iDisk and your hard drive. Turn on iDisk Sync in your System Preferences, MobileMe, iDisk preferences.

    Ankit Modi
    10/28/10 @ 11:28 am

    Just let me know which app can sync any two folders?


      10/28/10 @ 11:30 am

      There are many, but I haven’t looked at them all. GoodSync comes to mind, but a search will show you the full range.

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