Forum Question: Flash Drive transfer Issue

Hi Gary,
This is the second time I am writing to you. I had a problem with the way Mac copied files on the Pen Drive. I used Blue Harvest as you suggested and that is sorted.
Now this Pen Drive plays music in my car, after I’ve transferred music from iTunes and sometimes it doesn’t play at all. The Pen Drive doesn’t read the data and it sort of gets stuck. I performed a complete format in MS-DOS (FAT) mode and it still wont work. I can’t figure out if it is the music files or the Mac because when I copied this music from the pen drive to the PC it seemed to work fine.

Please help

— Pranay A

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    6/13/10 @ 4:31 pm

    My guess would be that those files in particular are not supported by the playback device. There are so many flavors of mp3, aac, etc. A hardware device that doesn’t update might only play what the manufacturer programmed into it years ago, during the design phase.

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