Forum Question: Follow Up To BackUp and Mobile ME Auto Sync

I have Backup setup for some folders and it does back them up nightly as recommended. The problem is these files are unaccessible from My iDisk app on iphone and from, they are compressed.
I chatted with Mobileme tonight and they said there is no way to have “Backup:, display a non compressed file, in other words, my folders. All you will see is compressed file instead of the actual contents.
If this is true, can you explain how i can setup automator to copy a folder to disk nightly?

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    2/13/11 @ 10:18 am

    Right. Backup is a backup solution, not a way to store files on iDisk so you can access them via your iPhone or some other device. They are just meant to be stored so you can recover them in case of a problem.
    I’ve never tried to set up automator to do this. But I suppose you could use the “Copy Finder Items” action to do this, and then schedule the workflow to run using iCal.

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