Forum Question: For how many hours is Sleep better than Shut Down?

Hello Gary,

I just your podcast on Sleep vs Shut Down. Just wanted to clarify the numbers…If I leave my Macbook asleep for about 8-10 hours at night, in battery mode, morning time the battery is down from 100% to about 97%. So would you say that switching it off and on would consume so much power that it’ll go from 100% in switch off to less than 97% once it’s booted?
And is it a function of how many open applications the RAM is storing while asleep? Will all but Finder shut down suck up less power via a less loaded RAM?

Thank you.

— David

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    8/14/10 @ 8:42 am

    There is no way to determine which is “better” because the main benefit is how fast you can get working again. That will vary for each person, and how often you do it.
    For instance, do you use your MacBook constantly and then suddenly close it, not using it again until the next day? Or, do you open it and check your email a few times later in the evening — just using it for a few seconds each time? See what I mean?
    (It isn’t a function of how much RAM is in use — as it is all kept up with power).
    As for how much battery power you use during a startup, it depends on what you’ve got going on with your Mac — system config and extensions, etc.
    But why leave it sleeping 8-10 hours without being plugged in?

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