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Forgot iMac G3 Admin/Login Password

I have a 2000 iMac G3 450 DV+ running Mac OS X 10.2.8. I rarely use this machine and just purchased Tiger to load on it, only to find that I have no idea what password I had used when I set up my admin account on the machine 2 years ago when I bought it from Mac Mall.
Is there anyway around it to regain use of my iMac? OR someway to get into it so I could try to reset the password?

Don’t know what to do, besides maybe install a new Hard Drive and try to load Tiger on that, But I will lose all my Documents and Photos in iPhoto. No, I didn’t backup my machine the last time I used it, I know that was unwise.
If anyone can help, I would greatly appreciate it.
Dave M.

— Dave

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    15 years ago

    One option would be to use Firewire target mode to get all of your data off the disk. See episode 298. If it is an iMac "DV" then it has firewire, but I'm not sure if it supports target mode. You could also remove the drive and put in a new one, then mount the old drive externally and pull the data from it. You could always take it into a shop and have them make a copy of all the disk contents onto an external drive for you too.

    Steven Becerra
    13 years ago

    I was on a moving job one of my many skills the owner gave me a G3
    Apple the password is not what he said how can log on administrative what is the next step? please help or what do I need to log on?

    Steven Becerra
    13 years ago

    I received a G3 from someone moving the password is not what he said it was.What do I need to do in order to log on Administrative the what is the password after that

      13 years ago

      That's trouble. The thing to do would be to use the original install discs and reformat and reinstall OS X. But I'm guessing that you don't have that. Happens a lot. But buying a Mac without the install disc like buying a car with the hood welded shut. A repair shop might be able to reinstall the system from a disc that they have.

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