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Frozen screen iMac

My iMac I bought in January has recently frozen a few times, and I’m actually typing this from my PC instead as the iMac is frozen and I can’t move the mouse or use the keyboard.
The batteries are fine as I changed the ones in the mouse to see if that was the problem, but it wasn’t.
I turned mouse, trackpad and keyboard on and of a few times, and had to resolve to rebooting by pressing the start button at the back of the iMac. When it rebooted same problem happened. There is no response when I turn the mouse or keyboard on or off ie no message of connection lost or connection found.
I even turned it off and pulled the plug from out the back and put it and started the iMac – same thing, mouse is frozen in position and keyboard doesn’t help unfreeze it. Tried this a few times.
Only thing I think of is a few days ago I downloaded some free widgets from the apple store – would that have caused a problem?

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    9 years ago

    Hard to diagnose problems like this from afar.
    It is a matter of experimenting to figure out what is causing the issue.
    Have you tried using a USB mouse, to rule out bluetooth problems?
    I would suspect a wireless issue more than anything else. But it is impossible to tell.
    I’d take the computer in to the Genius Bar and have them look.

      9 years ago

      HI Gary

      It’s a bluetooth problem…actually hardware problem because my iMac has suddenly decided not to recognise bluetooth – only 4 months after purchase which is very disappointing. Apple has confirmed it’s a hardware problem after trying a USB mouse and a few other things.

      Apple is suppose to fix it this week (it’s too big for me to carry to a Genius Bar and the closest Genius Bar is a bit of a drive away in the city and parking is expensive). I had heard Macs were supposed to be better than PCs, but I can’t believe that after only 4 months my iMac has a hardware problem. My PC which I have had since about 2002 has not had a major hardware problem.

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