Forum Question: Frustration trying to set-up Microsoft Entourage on my iMac.


I must say that I’m really frustrated, still not being able to set up my e-mail account thru my provider using Microsoft’s mail program “Entourage”. I went in manually to do everything I did on my Microsoft Outlook Account on my windows based laptop running Windows 7. I had no problem configuring it on my laptop. What an I doing wrong on my iMac??? Any help would be deeply appreciated. May God Bless!

— Ed

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    2/2/10 @ 7:04 am

    Usually this is just a matter of double-checking all the settings: ID, password, server, account type (POP, IMAP, Exchange). Sometimes the ID needs to be set a special way. For instance, if your email address is sometimes the account ID is aaa, sometimes it is, but I have even seen, and all sorts of things. Your provider should give you instructions on exactly what to use.

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