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Hi, since about a month ago, I have problems with my FTP Apps. I have tried Trasmit, duck, etc, etc. and all of them try to upload files which are already upload when I try to Sync. OK, I want to sync my website (hosting) wit my website (harddrive) but every app is not sync properly. They are sync files that are already upthere. They are re-uploading the website files every time. Any suggestion what could be happening…? I contact my hosting and they do not what is happing and I am thinking maybe is any problem with my Mac?? Any Idea? What FTP App you have?

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    4/12/11 @ 6:44 am

    I can’t see how it would be a problem with your Mac. It could be a problem with the FTP program you are using — but since you have tried many it rules that out. So I would suspect that the server has a problem. Maybe it is not reporting back directory lists properly or something. Perhaps it reports back bad modification dates for the files so it makes the FTP programs think they are older. Just a guess.

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