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Garageband Jam Packs

Hi Gary,

I am contemplating picking up the Remix Jam Pack and I have read all of the reviews. Have you ever installed any of the Jam Packs and do you have any reviews on them?


— Jason

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    11 years ago

    I’ve bought a few. I like them, but I like GarageBand and having more variety of loops available. So it really depends on what you use GarageBand for and how badly you want more loops.

      11 years ago

      I use it primarily for podcasting with my students, but we also write rap songs for learning. I just cringe a bit at the $99 price. I have a $50 gift card…so…….

      Any reviews on headphones like the ones you use for your podcasts?

      8 years ago

      Hi Gary,

      Thanks for your great GarageBand tutorials, which I just discovered. I have several JamPacks and have found the World Music one the most useful for the type of music I compose. However, it, like GarageBand does not indicate which specific key to use for the various drum kit sounds. I have a list of what sounds are available in the drum kits but have to use a trial-and-error approach to find which key matches which sound. Am I missing something?

        8 years ago

        The key should adjust to fit the key of your composition. Experiment and you’ll see.

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