Forum Question: Garageband Using Guitar Hero Drums

Hi Gary its me again i tried asking this question in a forum but no one anwsered.

ok so here it goes:

can i connect my guitar hero world tour drum set to my macbook? i use the PS2 for it BTW. do i need to buy a chord to connect it? thanks in advance.

— John Belarmino

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    4/23/10 @ 9:52 pm

    I’ve heard of people doing this, but only using USB controllers, which I don’t think the PlayStation uses. Check out this article:

    your mom
    11/29/11 @ 1:21 am

    hello, i have been trying to do this for an hour now and nothing… there needs to be an easier step by step instruction. all i’ve seen on youtube was people showing off or trying too. i would like to connect my wii drumset to my mac. i saw people doing this. no i do not have xbox 360 controllers like a lot of the people on youtube were using. just simply the drumset and compatable controller please.

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