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Gary’s (or Others) Recommendation for VPN App

For VPN, I’ve been using “” originally known as “cloak”. The app seems to have more trouble with WiFi access in public places and I end up not getting access, ever after following the support folk’s recommendations. So, who do you call? MacMostBusters… or at least look at what Gary’s favorite apps are for stuff. But he (shhh he may be listening) doesn’t list anything on VPNs in his “recommended products” page. Nor can I find any hit searching for: vpn, “virtual private network”, or the first two words searched alone. And that’s across the general MacMost site, in the tutorial section, etc. Anyone got a favorite for VPNs? I”m hitting blocks in “normal” public places such as a Unitarian Church, The NY state legislative office building (no password WiFi), etc. I don’t hang out in serious troll places like , well, name your favorite here. Personal favorite recommendations welcome. – FredBal4
fred balfour

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    4 years ago

    There’s a good reason why I don’t have a VPN service on the recommendations page. I really haven’t found one I truly like. I used Cloak/ for a while, some others too, and now NordVPN. They all work fine, but I’m general I find they all have the same problem you are running into.
    The issue, I believe, is that good VPN won’t make bad WiFi any better. I travel a lot and run into a lot of bad WiFi. If you are on a VPN then every time the WIFI hiccups your VPN service needs to reconnect. That takes time, is prone to errors, and just generally sucks.

    The only reason I pick one VPN over the other is when there is a deal. I moved to NordVPN just because they had a multi year deal. But I find it works just as well as Cloak did.

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