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Gary,What Are Your Favorite Websites To Keep You Up To Date?

on Apple related things. Just curious…. thank you.

I really enjoy your articles.

Cheers… Doug Brandt
Doug Brandt

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    2 years ago

    Do you mean news and rumors and such? I typically go to MacRumors and Apple Insider for that. I also look at MacObserver and 9to5Mac for some news and blog-style observations and such.

    If there is anything big going on, like security updates you need to know about, these sites are going to cover it, and in a timely manner.

    RS Douglass
    2 years ago

    Hey Doug-
    I have used as my ‘go-to’ website to keep current with all-things-mac for many years. It is a site that agglomerates all other Mac-related sites into a one page list of links. (It works much better than it sounds.).
    Visit it once a day, and you’ll soon see the benefits.

    Bob Earp
    2 years ago

    None better than especially if you’re subscribed !!

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