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Hello Gary.
the new feature of itunes genius mixes is great i use it a lot and it picks up great songs. Recently i have bought several comedy albums from iTunes and i got an extra item in the genius mixes called “comedy mix”, which is great. but when i sync my iPhone to my MBP i don’t find that mix in my iPhone genius mixes. Can you please tell me how to update the genius mix in my iPhone so i could be able to see the comedy mix?

thanks a lot, and happy holidays


— hasan

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    12/13/09 @ 12:10 pm

    Genius Mixes are kind of a black box — there are no real settings. And the Genius Mix on the iPhone is different than the one on your Mac. Ar eyou sure those comedy segments are on your iPhone? Are they getting synced? Perhaps it is just a way that iPhone and iTunes mixes differ.

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