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Get Contacts From a Phone to iPhone

hello Gary.
my uncle wanna buy an iphone, but the problem is that he has a lot of contacts in his nokia phone, and transfering them manually is a pain. can you please tell me how to transfer the contacts automatically in from the nokia to the iphone???

— Hassan

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    10 years ago

    I don’t know which Nokia phone he has — and even if I did, I’d need to be an expert at that phone to know how to export from it. The key is that he needs to be able to export from it and into his computer. If it is a Mac, then Address Book. Then when he syncs his iPhone to his Mac, it will come to his iPhone.
    You should take him to the Apple store, with his Nokia phone, and ask there. They can take a look and maybe help.

    Kika Wai'Alae
    7 years ago

    how do i transfer contacts from one iphone to another?

      7 years ago

      Are both phones yours? If so, is the first phone synced to your Mac, PC, or online account (iCloud, Gmail, etc?) If so, then sync the new phone or set it up with the same accounts.

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