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Get the Red, Yellow, Green Buttons On Mac App Windows Back Again?

After I updated to High Sierra, I noticed the buttons were gone and replaced with gray colored buttons.

Should I reinstall High Sierra?
Bruce D. Wisz

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    3 years ago

    No need to jump right to the extreme measure of reinstalling the operating system just because one thing isn’t working quite right. There’s most likely a simple cause for something like this.

    First, consider which window(s) you are looking at. Sometimes some apps have windows with special properties that can’t use those buttons. So check a Safari window, a Pages window, a Finder window, etc. If they are all behaving the same way, then you know it is a setting.

    Next, determine, what exactly is the problem. Is it just that they are gray instead of colors? But they still work as expected? Then it is simply a matter of looking for a setting for that preference. If you go to System Preferences, General, and then Appearance, you’ll see Options for Blue and Graphite. See if you have it set to Graphite instead as this describes the situation perfectly.

    Bruce Wisz
    3 years ago

    That fixed the problem. I never changed it. Thanks.

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